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Edict Systems has been providing Electronic Data Interchange solutions since 1990 to help companies of all sizes maximize the value of EDI. Our services leverage the power and cost-effectiveness of the Internet to conduct business electronically.

Small and medium-size businesses use our Web EDI services to support the EDI requirements of their large trading partners. High volume customers use EnterpriseEC®, Hosted Data Translation, and ValidateEC services to integrate EDI data into their internal systems. Large buying organizations use our Trading Community Ramping services to maximize the value of their existing EDI investments.

To learn how Edict Systems can assist your company, please call 800.443.3428 or
e-mail solutions@edictsystems.com.

For more information:
Phone: 800.443.3428
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Web-based service for
Web EDI provides the most cost-effective and easy to use solution for processing EDI documents.
High volume value added connectivity solution.
Leverage the internet to reduce cost, increase visibility, and maximize the benefits of EDI.
Hosted Data Translation
Hosted any-to-any mapping service that eliminates the need to purchase and maintain in-house software for mapping EDI data
Monitor EDI data quality and automate exception handling.
Provides an external business rule engine to assure that data integrity is maintained.
Trading Partner Ramping
Dramatically increase trading partnerships.
Accelerate the addition of a significant number of EDI compliant trading partners.
Let Edict Systems be your EDI Department
By combining all of our service offerings you can focus on your business, not EDI issues.
Edict Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advant-e Corporation, a publicly traded company.  
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