Transaction Validation provides an external business rule engine to ensure data integrity is maintained and only transactions that meet your specific criteria are passed to internal systems.


Transaction Validation compares related EDI transactions to your business rules as they are sent and received through our Cloud-based B2B Trading Network. This provides immediate notification when a transaction does not comply with your internal controls before it is passed to your business system for integration.


  • Automatically compare invoice to purchase order ensuring items, quantities, and invoiced amount match or are within tolerance.

  • Automatically accept or reject disputed invoices with messages to both parties or hold pending manual verification.

  • Browser interface with multi-level security provides visibility and allows only authorized individuals to approve disputed invoices.


  • Automatically compare PO Acknowledgment to PO to detect potential fulfillment issues.

  • Receive email alerts when conflicts are detected allowing buyers to proactively create replacement orders.


  • Ensure transactions match or are within your business tolerances before they reach your internal systems.

  • Automatically accept or reject transactions with messages to both parties or hold until approved or rejected.
  • Email alerts, EDI Application Advice (824), or both can be provided for all discrepancies.

  • Browser interface and email alerts allow you to receive notifications of potential issues and easily manage them from anywhere.

  • Multi-level security allows only authorized individuals to approve disputed transactions prior to integration.

  • View and compare all related documents.