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Edict Systems is a leading provider of web-based EDI solutions. In production since 1999, our web EDI platform provides the most cost-effective and user-friendly solution for processing EDI documents. Our Web EDI services process billions of dollars worth of purchase orders every year and are ideal for small and medium size companies that have low-volume EDI requirements.

All that is needed to use Web EDI is a current browser version and internet access. There is no software to download or install, which allows our customers to process their EDI documents from anywhere.

Rather than create a "one size fits all" solution for Web EDI, we tailor our solutions to support multiple vertical industries in order to provide an optimal solution that accommodates each industry's unique requirements. We also provide WebEDI.com for those industries that are not supported within our vertical industry sites.

To see how easy it is to do web EDI, we have created a flash demo for GroceryEC.com, our industry leading web EDI solution for the grocery supply chain.


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